DefineShape Tags drawing

Introduction: A free tool to visualize .swf file for Mac OS X. Better quality (bug fixed, built-in swf parser and performance) than SWFVisualizer (Flash online app). Features: Visualization of .swf file as a tree of tables. It should help people to understand the SWF File Format. Drawing the vector shapes with Quartz 2D API. Edges […]

Released on 2010/07/26. Screenshot: Updates: Support FillType of LINESTYLE2 with lineGradientStyle(). (HTML5: canvas.stokeStyle = gradient;.) Support LINESTYLE and LINESTYLE2 preview. MetaData Tag support (server side). Colorize with shadow, gradient and alpha with more details. Extend the zooming cache to (fullScreenWidth, fullScreenHeight) but cost more memory. Improved full screen scale mode (NO_SCALE). ASDoc Documentation (and […]

Released on 2010/07/20 Updates: Uploading progress. Support trace back function. (press left key on the focused object.) Support trace into function. (press right key or click on the highlighted text.) Support Zoom In/Out by up and down key. Information Filter: Hide ShapeRecord by default. (Manually enabled with the checkbox of “Show ShapeRecord“). (more…)

Released on 2010/07/17 Updates: Auto translate the generated canvas code to the 1st quadrant. Improved usability No more waiting while parsing. (Progressively parsing) Smooth Zooming like iPhone OS. (Scale cache with bitmap like iPhone OS.) (more…)

Released on 2010/07/13 Updates: Tool tip shows the object type when zoom is less than 30%. Optimized parsing performance, support more than 5000 objects(tiger.swf). Code Refactored. Bug fixed: LINESTYLE is not rendered. (more…)

Released on 2010/07/10 Updates: Support JSON Data Visualization. Upload *.SWF file support. Fill size should be less than 10MB. Style configuration support. Color and font did matter a lot. Memory usage. Every load would do garbage collection first Reduce CPU usage. (default set to 30 FPS.) Zooming on mouse cursor. Bug Fix: SWF parser bug […]

Updates: 1. Progressively redrawn SHAPE Shape is redrawn progressively by click on it. (Show the drawing sequence clearly.) Redrawn fully. 2. Full Screen support. Click to switch to full screen mode 3. Enhanced visual contrast. Arrow of the vectors are refined. Text quality are refined. Translate the preview drawing to the 1st quadrant. 4. SWF […]

Updates: UI performance optimization. (much faster now.) Visualization for fun. Consistent UI Style. Fixed issues: Chrome 5.0.375.99 failed on Canvas gradient rendering. (Chrome’s issues) (more…)

SWFVisualizer 0.2.3 updates: New Features: Convert (Flash) SWF Shapes to JavaScript Canvas Code (HTML5). 轉換 Flash SWF 到 JavaScript Canvas 程式碼。 Preview the canvas drawing by generated canvas code. (Supports Firefox, Safari, Chrome.) 可預覽 Canvas 程式碼的結果。 User interface and code refinement for better performance. 改善介面與加速。 Simple, Easy and Light Weight: Click SHAPEWITHSTYLE and get the […]

SWFVisualizer 0.2.2 is updated: Major Updates: Support left fill style (FillStyle0). Use a faster algorithms to generate the paths without finding connected paths. And much lesser number of paths was genertated than Smokescreen. Bug fixed: Rotated gradients support. (more…)