A free tool to visualize .swf file for Mac OS X. Better quality (bug fixed, built-in swf parser and performance) than SWFVisualizer (Flash online app).


  • Visualization of .swf file as a tree of tables. It should help people to understand the SWF File Format.

Released on 2010/07/20


  • Uploading progress.
  • Support trace back function. (press left key on the focused object.)
  • Support trace into function. (press right key or click on the highlighted text.)
  • Support Zoom In/Out by up and down key.
  • Information Filter:
    Hide ShapeRecord by default.

Released on 2010/07/17


  • Auto translate the generated canvas code to the 1st quadrant.
  • Improved usability
    1. No more waiting while parsing. (Progressively parsing)
    2. Smooth Zooming like iPhone OS. (Scale cache with bitmap like iPhone OS.)
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Released on 2010/07/13


  • Tool tip shows the object type when zoom is less than 30%.
  • Optimized parsing performance, support more than 5000 objects(tiger.swf).
  • Code Refactored.

Bug fixed:

  • LINESTYLE is not rendered.
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Released on 2010/07/10

SWFVisualizer 0.2.6


  • Support JSON Data Visualization.
  • Upload *.SWF file support. Fill size should be less than 10MB.
  • Style configuration support. Color and font did matter a lot.
  • Memory usage. Every load would do garbage collection first
  • Reduce CPU usage.