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VisusalSWF 也被 Softpedia 收錄了

除了 F2C 以外,現在 VisualSWF 也被 Softpedia 收錄啦~     感覺還不賴!! 至少可以知道寫出來的程式還是有用的,不少人都開始對我的 swf parser 產生興趣了,而且還是不同領域的, 還問我要怎麼 License,這下傷腦筋了,本來沒想過這問題的~ 從沒賣過 source code,該怎麼辦咧? 有人有經驗嗎?麻煩給點建議吧~

VisualSWF 1.0

Introduction: A free tool to visualize .swf file for Mac OS X. Better quality (bug fixed, built-in swf parser and performance) than SWFVisualizer (Flash online app). Features: Visualization of .swf file as a tree of tables. It should help people… Continue Reading →

SWFVisualizer 0.3

Released on 2010/07/26. Screenshot: Updates: Support FillType of LINESTYLE2 with lineGradientStyle(). (HTML5: canvas.stokeStyle = gradient;.) Support LINESTYLE and LINESTYLE2 preview. MetaData Tag support (server side). Colorize with shadow, gradient and alpha with more details. Extend the zooming cache to… Continue Reading →

SWFVisualizer 0.2.9

Released on 2010/07/20 Updates: Uploading progress. Support trace back function. (press left key on the focused object.) Support trace into function. (press right key or click on the highlighted text.) Support Zoom In/Out by up and down key. Information Filter:… Continue Reading →

SWFVisualizer 0.2.8

Released on 2010/07/17 Updates: Auto translate the generated canvas code to the 1st quadrant. Improved usability No more waiting while parsing. (Progressively parsing) Smooth Zooming like iPhone OS. (Scale cache with bitmap like iPhone OS.)

SWFVisualizer 0.2.7

Released on 2010/07/13 Updates: Tool tip shows the object type when zoom is less than 30%. Optimized parsing performance, support more than 5000 objects(tiger.swf). Code Refactored. Bug fixed: LINESTYLE is not rendered.

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