中華民國 (ROC) in Taiwan

I am a lazy guy, so my brain works extremely hard to get lazier. Loved programming since 10 years old.

Although Taiwan is a desert of software, I just can’t change what I loved.

Now, it’s time to see what I can do.

Looking for the truth in the part of the world I reached, hope I could see something no one had seen before.

Names Shuho/Allen/Rintarou Chou
Born 1977 (Programming since 1987)
Domain Bootloader, Kernel, Driver, Filesystem, System Integration, X Window System, Browsers(Gecko/Ant/WebKit), Font System, FlashPlayer/Flash Platform integration and optimization, Graphic System, Applications, Software Development Mythology, Teams Leading, Project kickoff (requirement collect, integration, spec writing), etc…
Speaks Chinese, English, Japanese
Job Freelancer, Developer, Supervisor, Funder, Day Trader
Email shuho.chou@gmail.com

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Hired Experience

Security related system
– Delphi Pascal
– RS232 programming (protocol and registers)
– RSA in colledge.

Linux Kernel & Drivers
– kernel thread survey
– inode, task_struct
– some drivers for specific chipsets.

LinuxBIOS (bootloader)
– ELF file format (mkelf)
– PCI configuration, North/South bridges
– CPU/MMU related (cache, GDT, LDT, IDT.. etc..)
– Setup for c runtime.
– Hardware layout (just a few).

Remote upgrade system
– Cramfs: mkcramfs/packcramfs (endian patches)
– Images building(dependency control) and version control
– Partition layout design
– Robustness design

– Mozilla Gecko
– crikee (a small Gecko based browser for embedding system)
– xptcall for SH4
– NPAPI related (NPRuntime, Scriptable plugins..etc..)
– Ant browser hacks
– Webkit

Web programming
– Java applet
– EMCAScript Specification (ECMA-262 3rd/4th/5th editions)

– FlashPlayer porting/optimization
– Flash programming (AS/AS2/AS3)
– SWF File Format
– AVM survey (DoAction so far.. AVM2 is todo)
– Animation related (motion and color tweening,  easing, bounce, transformations, etc…)
– Design and implemented the standalone FlashPlayer as a Set-Top application platform without any browser. (Demo to Adobe in 2005)

Team Lead (Supervisor for New Tech in Foxconn – 2006 ~ 2009)
– Architect and frameworks design
– Bring OOAD/UML/Design Patterns to the team in the early of 2007.
– Building/VCS/Auto test system (most on dependency control)
– Projects Management
– Project Leader
– Define requirement with customers
– Solutions survey and proposal creation.
– Schedule management
– Team coordination

Funding Experience

CloudOnline funder & CTO (2011/08 ~ 2013/12)
– iOS App (Life+ 雲端生活家 App)
– Ruby On Rails (Life+ 雲端生活家 Server)
– Pixme App (1.5 – 3.1)

– Gnash internal hacks (Scriptable plugin patch on 0.8.5 to make Gnash plugin scriptable)
– Learning Objective-C/C++ (Objective-C Runtime) (2010/05)
– swfparser (written from scratch in C++,  depend on libstdc++ and libz only) (2010/05)
SWFVisualizer (Online visualization the format of .swf, work with swfparser) (2010/06)
VisualSWF (SWF format visualizer – my first Mac OS X application) (2011/02)
F2C (SWF to canvas converter on Mac App Store) (2011/03)
<CloudOnline Funding 2011/08 – 2013/12>
SWF to PDF Converter (2013/10)
App Icon Resizer (2013/11)
ORB Reader for Mac (2014/01)
ORB Viewer for iPad (2014/02)

Thanks for

Icons Land – http://www.icons-land.com

WebIconSet.com – http://WebIconSet.com