ROC-flagI am a lazy guy, so my brain works extremely hard to get lazier. Loved programming since 10 years old.

Although Taiwan is a desert of software, I just can’t change what I loved.

Now, it’s time to see what I can do.

Looking for the truth in the part of the world I reached, hope I could see something no one had seen before.

Names Shuho/Allen/Rintarou Chou
Born 1977 (Programming since 1987)
Job None
Speaks Chinese, English, Japanese
Email shuho.chou@gmail.com

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Hired Experience

Security related system
– Delphi Pascal
– RS232 programming (protocol and registers)
– RSA in colledge.

Linux Kernel & Drivers
– kernel thread survey
– inode, task_struct
– some drivers for specific chipsets.

LinuxBIOS (bootloader)
– ELF file format (mkelf)
– PCI configuration, North/South bridges
– CPU/MMU related (cache, GDT, LDT, IDT.. etc..)
– Setup for c runtime.
– Hardware layout (just a few).

Remote upgrade system
– Cramfs: mkcramfs/packcramfs (endian patches)
– Images building(dependency control) and version control
– Partition layout design
– Robustness design

– Mozilla Gecko
– crikee (a small Gecko based browser for embedding system)
– xptcall for SH4
– NPAPI related (NPRuntime, Scriptable plugins..etc..)
– Ant browser hacks
– Webkit

Web programming
– Java applet
– EMCAScript Specification (ECMA-262 3rd/4th/5th editions)

– FlashPlayer porting/optimization
– Flash programming (AS/AS2/AS3)
– SWF File Format
– AVM survey (DoAction so far.. AVM2 is todo)
– Animation related (motion and color tweening,  easing, bounce, transformations, etc…)
– Design and implemented the standalone FlashPlayer as a Set-Top application platform without any browser. (Demo to Adobe in 2005)

Team Lead (Supervisor for New Tech in Foxconn – 2006 ~ 2009)
– Architect and frameworks design
– Bring OOAD/UML/Design Patterns to the team in the early of 2007.
– Building/VCS/Auto test system (most on dependency control)
– Projects Management
– Project Leader
– Define requirement with customers
– Solutions survey and proposal creation.
– Schedule management
– Team coordination

Funding Experience

CloudOnline funder & CTO (2011/08 ~ 2013/12)
– iOS App (Life+ 雲端生活家 App)
– Ruby On Rails (Life+ 雲端生活家 Server)
– Pixme App (1.5 – 3.1)

– Gnash internal hacks (Scriptable plugin patch on 0.8.5 to make Gnash plugin scriptable)
– Learning Objective-C/C++ (Objective-C Runtime) (2010/05)
– swfparser (written from scratch in C++,  depend on libstdc++ and libz only) (2010/05)
SWFVisualizer (Online visualization the format of .swf, work with swfparser) (2010/06)
VisualSWF (SWF format visualizer – my first Mac OS X application) (2011/02)
F2C (SWF to canvas converter on Mac App Store) (2011/03)
<CloudOnline Funding 2011/08 – 2013/12>
SWF to PDF Converter (2013/10)
App Icon Resizer (2013/11)
ORB Reader for Mac (2014/01)
ORB Viewer for iPad (2014/02)

Thanks for

Icons Land – http://www.icons-land.com

WebIconSet.com – http://WebIconSet.com